Business to business – This type of telecommunication connects one business to another for business development services. Telestation has a specialized inhouse sales team to provide B2B Telecommunication services. We generate targeted leads, qualify prospects, and follow up on clients who make a difference for your business.

The personalized approach to each lead, builds a better relationship with potential clients and hence builds brand awareness. We are solely focused on offering a service to your business free from extra time, costs, and resources. Our B2B expertise is all that your business needs.


Business to Consumer telecommunication involves direct marketing by contacting clients to sell services or products. Business depends on customer relationships. And we at Telestation, constantly build client relations through personal interaction with customers.

We focus on customer needs, learn customer challenges and research solutions to present attractive, targeted offers to prospects and existing customers. Our B2C brings the customer results that your company demands. Our close interaction with the potential clients leaves a lasting impression in their minds, so as to remember your company name.


In inbound telemarketing a possible customer directly gets in touch with the business. Through proper assistance and upselling each customer develops into a sustainable lead for the business.

At Telestation, we offer user-friendly and worthwhile inbound services. At our hands, each call generated is marketed tactically so that the business gets more traffic. A delightful or confused customer,  our technical proficiency and flexibility while engaging has always attracted new audiences and markets.


An outbound telemarketing strategy involves prospective customers being contacted by agents or business operators. Unlike traditional door to door sales, outbound marketing saves time and labour. Our support systems monitor each call and tune in marketing strategies.

The team at Telestation always keeps customer satisfaction as its priority. Invariable communication skills and tactical approach from our group of professionals constantly amplifies the traffic. With us consumers receive more insights into every product and service.

Cold Calling

It might be difficult to convince a person who hasn’t expressed previous interest or likability to your products that’s where cold calling comes in. It connects a potential customer or a client who hadn’t expressed previous interest with a service representative. Though time consuming it is an effective part of sales where the customer and seller connection is built.

Our call center experts focus on email campaigns, work on customer’s time and always keep a perfect niche script ready for the sale. Along with skillful communication the efficient team at Telestation researches every possible prospect and breaks all limits of sale. More insight into a customer develops as an investment to the company and ease your business.

Counsulting Service

Call center organization might seem a hectic task; from monitoring the workforce to ensuring quality support it requires skill and experience. With Telestation, you can have all these services under the same roof. From personalized actions plans to professional support, we outsource all other existing consulting services.

Our services comprises corporate business assessments, customer profile assessment, business roadmap development, technical assessment, custom consulting and many more. The contract we offer is quite profitable and our past exposure with global companies have added to our experience. Addingly, with Telestation you need not to worry about anything we offer 100% support for your call center.

Product Support

Our product support service maximizes your customer satisfaction. We cover a broad range of industries to deliver industry specific product support. We contact your clients, gather customer expectations, and assist you design and deliver the best service accordingly. Based on our industry knowledge, we leverage multiple channels to meet the requirements of our customers.

As a trusted consumer product support service, we provide empathetic assistance to the customers, which makes their experience most satisfying. Our strong virtual presence makes all the difference for your business. Product Support services at Telestation promise your customer’s reliability with your products/services.

Direct Sale

Direct Selling – sales of products/services direct to the consumer without involving intermediaries – requires personal communication with the clients. With direct selling, the point of contact is the manufacturer and the consumer with eliminated distributors in the supply chain. Thus the sale becomes heavily dependent on customer interaction in direct selling.


At Telestation we offer promising business processes for your sales in the virtual space. We help you sell your products/services to the customers, receive instant feedback from customers, and assist tailoring the products/services to meet customer requirements.Our direct interaction with the customers offer a better buyer persona for your products/services.

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