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B2B telemarketing means where a business tries to convert its business to business leads into clients. This type of service takes relationship building and perseverance. It is a very important aspect of business development.
B2C Telemarketing involves high call volumes and the expectation from it is high sales volume. As you directly try to sell to the end user, creating a positive interaction and having the confidence to present your product is a must.
Outbound telemarketing services involve a business making calls to prospect, customers, informing them about the features and benefits of a particular product or service.

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Since our Launch in 2020, Telestation has been providing services and results that are well-equiped in quality as well as efficiency to our clients and in a short span of time has become one among the well known names in the tele communication sector.

Save Time
Inbound and outbound telemarketing are both challenging and time consuming. Save time by choosing Telestation Services and focus on core business functions instead.
Cost Effective
You are never charged a fee for our expertise and recommendations with regards to outbound and inbound telemarketing, or for our business answering services.
Best Fit
You can count on our award-winning resource network to provide “Best Fit” solutions with a personal touch and world class customer care and brand management.
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We provide truly prominent teleservices

Convert its business to business leads into clients, this type of telecommunication connects one business to another for business development service
B2C involves direct marketing by contacting clients to sell services or products
Inbound telemarketing a possible customer directly gets in touch with the business.
Outbound strategy involves prospective customers being contacted by agents or business operators.
Cold Calling
Cold calling, an initial step of the traditional sales process refers to the first telephone call made to address the prospect.
Counsulting Service
Our consulting includes corporate business assessments, customer profile assessment, business roadmap development, etc.
Product Support
Our product support service maximizes your customer satisfaction
Direct Sale
Sales of products/services direct to the consumer without involving intermediaries..

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